There are any number of ways you can help The Salvation Army raise the funds it needs to deliver its programs.

However you choose to help, by making use of your social networks you're spreading a message of positivity and hope - inspiring your friends to rise to challenges of their own.

The best part is, you can use your imagination and choose how you'd like to contribute.

Every dollar you raise will help the Salvos provide hope to those who need it most.


Whether you're about to register to be a Hero for Hope, logging into your account or donating to one of our heroes, we want to say thank you for giving hope where it's needed most.

Top 5 Individuals

Steve McCabe$2,326.00
Peter Hobbs$1,000.00
THQ High Tea$761.10
Lucy Mountford$661.00

Top 5 Teams

Unley Corps$4,935.00
Warragul Salvos$3,710.16
Burnie2017 Heroes For Hope$1,207.99
Gawler Corps$1,011.00
Rotary Club of Unley  donated  $1,000.00        Friends of Steve  donated  $365.00        Anonymous  donated  $300.00        Luce  donated  $210.00        Steve & Kathy  donated  $200.00        Veselovski family  donated  $150.00        Di Potter  donated  $120.00        Rhonda CALLUS  donated  $120.00        Robert Cugley  donated  $120.00        Dad  donated  $100.00        Gabby& Mark Procol  donated  $100.00        Gary and Sharyn  donated  $100.00        Jason Ollerenshaw  donated  $100.00        Mat vicky fisher sunny olive payne  donated  $100.00        Michelle and Wayne Chequer  donated  $100.00        Norm & Michelle  donated  $100.00        Ross & Cath Wignell  donated  $100.00        Telethon Kids Institute  donated  $100.00        Your favourite brother aka Tom aka TDawg  donated  $100.00        John & Lyn Farrington  donated  $75.00        Row  donated  $60.00        Alisa Pressler  donated  $50.00        Anna Moulton  donated  $50.00        Ben Hateley  donated  $50.00        Bunburycorps  donated  $50.00        Carol Finan  donated  $50.00        Darren and Lisa Smith  donated  $50.00        Deborah Anderson  donated  $50.00        Glenn & Tracie Campbell  donated  $50.00        Ian Johnston  donated  $50.00        Kristie Lawson  donated  $50.00        Maggie  donated  $50.00        Margaret Davies  donated  $50.00        PSharp  donated  $50.00        Rachel Targett  donated  $50.00        Random is as Random does  donated  $50.00        SHIRLEY FERRIS  donated  $50.00        Steve McCabe  donated  $50.00        Susan  donated  $50.00        susan ann fuss  donated  $50.00        Zeph Hilton  donated  $50.00        Andrew Carter  donated  $38.00        Andrew Poulton  donated  $38.00        Anonymous  donated  $38.00        Ben Hateley  donated  $38.00        BLW  donated  $38.00        mary hayes  donated  $38.00        Nikki Poulton  donated  $38.00        Project Planning & Development Pty Ltd  donated  $38.00        Scott Bassingthwaighte-Hatch  donated  $38.00        Yvonne Hunt  donated  $30.00        Ann Jones  donated  $25.00        Bart Nelissen  donated  $25.00        Danielle  donated  $25.00        Zoe  donated  $25.00        A Platts  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated  $20.00        Brooke Castelli  donated  $20.00        Cheryl  donated  $20.00        Felicity Caporn  donated  $20.00        Hanel Family  donated  $20.00        Jaime Forrest  donated  $20.00        Janet Elovaris  donated  $20.00        Janet Patrick  donated  $20.00        Kobi  donated  $20.00        Leigh Box  donated  $20.00        Lucy Long  donated  $20.00        María A. Flores  donated  $20.00        Merryl Daines  donated  $20.00        Mum & Dad  donated  $20.00        Murray Di Loreto  donated  $20.00        Rebecca H  donated  $20.00        Scott Lindores  donated  $20.00        The Walkers  donated  $20.00        V Box  donated  $20.00        Cynthia Drossinis  donated  $10.00        Anonymous  donated  $5.00        Edgar PICHARDO  donated  $5.00        Annette Rodaughan  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Arlene and Stephen Tyler  donated an undisclosed amount         G&L Coles  donated an undisclosed amount         Graham Attwood  donated an undisclosed amount         Jackie Handley  donated an undisclosed amount         Karen Boswell  donated an undisclosed amount         Lisa McCann  donated an undisclosed amount         Matt & Tanya Todorov  donated an undisclosed amount         Michael Johnson  donated an undisclosed amount         Michelle  donated an undisclosed amount         Nadia Portella  donated an undisclosed amount         Paul Murrihy  donated an undisclosed amount         Reno Elms  donated an undisclosed amount         Sam and Paul Dozzi  donated an undisclosed amount         Vanos  donated an undisclosed amount