By fundraising for The Salvation Army, you are joining a community of heroes who give hope to those who need it most. 

 With the incredible support of the Australian community, the Salvos are able to operate more than 1,000 social programs to help the most vulnerable strive for a better tomorrow. 

 There are a number of ways you can help The Salvation Army raise the funds it needs to deliver its programs. The best part is, you can use your imagination and choose how you’d like to contribute. 

 However you choose to help, by making use of your social networks you’re spreading a message of positivity and hope – inspiring your friends to rise to challenges of their own..


Whether you're about to register to be a Hero for Hope, logging into your account or donating to one of our heroes, we want to say thank you for giving hope where it's needed most.

Top 5 Individuals

Steve McCabe$2,486.00
SOS SOS$2,000.00
Peter Hobbs$1,000.00
Beatty Park Swim School$1,000.00

Top 5 Teams

PowerTime Crew  donated  $500.00        Aunty Janet and Uncle Ian  donated  $250.00        Gary Hart  donated  $200.00        Anonymous  donated  $120.00        Anonymous  donated  $120.00        Anonymous  donated  $120.00        harygart  donated  $120.00        L Sheean  donated  $120.00        Sarah Butller  donated  $120.00        ACTIVE RECREATION SOLUTIONS  donated  $105.00        Anonymous  donated  $100.00        Brad Watson  donated  $100.00        John & Cheryle Van Wageningen  donated  $100.00        Liz C  donated  $100.00        Lorraine Hart  donated  $100.00        Raf Aviles  donated  $100.00        Simon  donated  $100.00        Wendy Venable  donated  $100.00        Rene & Michael King  donated  $60.00        Ali & Marg  donated  $50.00        amanda  donated  $50.00        Angela Locke  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Auntie Anne and Uncle Greg  donated  $50.00        Captain Kev  donated  $50.00        Cruickies  donated  $50.00        Darren Cox  donated  $50.00        Gawler Salvos 2018  donated  $50.00        Helen Jones  donated  $50.00        Helen Jones  donated  $50.00        Ian Edwards  donated  $50.00        nat  donated  $50.00        shannon kennedy  donated  $50.00        Sheina Davies  donated  $50.00        Tabitha  donated  $50.00        Tony Swan  donated  $50.00        Trevor Atkinson  donated  $50.00        Vic & Marj Clement  donated  $50.00        Vincent Lee  donated  $50.00        Ian Edwards  donated  $40.00        John Papas  donated  $40.00        Alison  donated  $38.00        Anonymous  donated  $38.00        Anonymous  donated  $38.00        Anonymous  donated  $38.00        Anonymous  donated  $38.00        Anonymous  donated  $38.00        Brett Sander  donated  $38.00        Fi Allan  donated  $38.00        Keith Nicholls  donated  $38.00        Suzi Smith  donated  $38.00        Vic Langsam  donated  $38.00        Sarah Kechayas  donated  $30.00        Sue McRae  donated  $29.00        Kathryn Edwards  donated  $25.00        Anonymous  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated  $20.00        Anonymous .  donated  $20.00        Brad  donated  $20.00        Christie  donated  $20.00        David Williams  donated  $20.00        Debbie Martin  donated  $20.00        Meg  donated  $20.00        Pat Heatley  donated  $20.00        Ray  donated  $20.00        Ray Huggett  donated  $20.00        June Bright  donated  $17.00        June Bright  donated  $17.00        June Bright  donated  $17.00        Myra Paris Hayes  donated  $15.00        Anonymous  donated  $10.00        Anonymous .  donated  $10.00        Delwyn & Brett  donated  $10.00        Delwyn & Brett  donated  $10.00        Delwyn & Brett  donated  $10.00        Delwyn & Brett  donated  $10.00        Delwyn & Brett  donated  $10.00        Denis & Val Lorimer  donated  $10.00        Iris Bray  donated  $10.00        Jean & Ken Brown  donated  $10.00        Jenny Newton  donated  $10.00        Ken & Jean Brown  donated  $10.00        Lisa  donated  $10.00        Val Dack  donated  $10.00        JasmineZ  donated  $5.00        JaydenZ  donated  $5.00        Marti Brown  donated  $5.00        MZelley  donated  $5.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Brenda & Graeme Morris  donated an undisclosed amount         Ian Edwards  donated an undisclosed amount         julie jones  donated an undisclosed amount         Katie Cox  donated an undisclosed amount         Lynne  donated an undisclosed amount         Michelle  donated an undisclosed amount         Sheree and michelle  donated an undisclosed amount