By fundraising for The Salvation Army, you are joining a community of heroes who give hope to those who need it most. 

 With the incredible support of the Australian community, the Salvos are able to operate more than 1,000 social programs to help the most vulnerable strive for a better tomorrow. 

 There are a number of ways you can help The Salvation Army raise the funds it needs to deliver its programs. The best part is, you can use your imagination and choose how you’d like to contribute. 

 However you choose to help, by making use of your social networks you’re spreading a message of positivity and hope – inspiring your friends to rise to challenges of their own..


Whether you're about to register to be a Hero for Hope, logging into your account or donating to one of our heroes, we want to say thank you for giving hope where it's needed most.

Top 5 Individuals

Steve McCabe$2,486.00
SOS SOS$2,000.00
Sharp & Carter$1,200.00
Peter Hobbs$1,000.00
Beatty Park Swim School$1,000.00

Top 5 Teams

James Keys  donated  $1,000.00        Anonymous  donated  $200.00        Stephen Carter  donated  $200.00        Lantieus  donated  $180.00        Casey Lewis  donated  $120.00        Anonymous  donated  $100.00        Anonymous  donated  $100.00        Denise Cotterill  donated  $100.00        DOVER PROCESSING BBQ  donated  $100.00        IamBossebo  donated  $100.00        Maddy  donated  $100.00        Marty Dow  donated  $100.00        Maxion  donated  $100.00        Sarcastro  donated  $100.00        zacktizzle  donated  $100.00        Aleisha c  donated  $50.00        Brendan Riordan  donated  $50.00        Closey  donated  $50.00        Danielle Hosking  donated  $50.00        Fiona Braybrook & Matthew Pay  donated  $50.00        James Wagner  donated  $50.00        Jose  donated  $50.00        Josh Thame & Stacey Taylor  donated  $50.00        Kate McGreavy  donated  $50.00        Keysie  donated  $50.00        Melissa Edwards  donated  $50.00        NickAU  donated  $50.00        Peter Riseley  donated  $50.00        Ryan Lenton  donated  $50.00        Sam Arico & Giuliana Bisogni  donated  $50.00        Samantha Skerry  donated  $50.00        Stephanie Hales  donated  $50.00        Stephen Christofakakis  donated  $50.00        Stocky  donated  $50.00        Strappy  donated  $50.00        Vincent Cote-Boucher & Carole Evans  donated  $50.00        Willy J  donated  $50.00        Zoe & Moo  donated  $50.00        Tayler  donated  $40.00        JackBaboon  donated  $38.00        Northernreaper1  donated  $38.00        Thezzanman  donated  $38.00        Matt Tyler  donated  $30.00        xxlanjokyxx  donated  $30.00        Aaron Free  donated  $25.00        Anita Schmidt  donated  $25.00        Anonymous  donated  $25.00        Anonymous  donated  $25.00        Bryony Schmidt  donated  $25.00        Emma Kennedy  donated  $25.00        Ewan Ogilvie  donated  $25.00        Forneil  donated  $25.00        Gumdrops  donated  $25.00        Mermaid Treasure Australia  donated  $25.00        Richard  donated  $25.00        Sam Cust  donated  $25.00        Sharken808  donated  $25.00        Anonymous  donated  $20.00        Ansaldor  donated  $20.00        Bro Sheffield-Brotherton  donated  $20.00        Casey Lewis  donated  $20.00        Damon Wills  donated  $20.00        Donna Higgins  donated  $20.00        Fugaduk  donated  $20.00        GGcookies  donated  $20.00        Jim Xaiz  donated  $20.00        Kristine H  donated  $20.00        Michaela  donated  $20.00        Priyanka  donated  $20.00        tayler  donated  $20.00        Vastidious  donated  $20.00        Anna Bristow  donated  $10.00        ben moore  donated  $10.00        Brian B  donated  $10.00        Casey Lewis  donated  $10.00        Give Hope this Christmas  donated  $10.00        iain  donated  $10.00        Jess  donated  $10.00        Mark Furniss  donated  $10.00        Mercwear  donated  $10.00        Shantogen  donated  $10.00        Shantogen  donated  $10.00        Siran  donated  $10.00        strapalap  donated  $10.00        Zoe Ottaway  donated  $10.00        Anonymous  donated  $7.00        -Absent-  donated  $5.00        Anonymous  donated  $5.00        CANDACE ATTEY  donated  $5.00        Podden  donated  $5.00        Anonymous  donated  $2.00        Jaden St.Gelais  donated  $2.00        MF_TV  donated  $2.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Chris Belegrinos and Bianca Bindi  donated an undisclosed amount