Make Every Step Count

Join us on Saturday 4th August as we walk from Queenscliff to Geelong in Walking Home 2018 to unite against homelessness. With four routes ranging from 3.5km to the full 37km to choose from - there's a walk for everyone!

It's time to dust off your walking shoes, pound the pavement, and raise some much needed funds to help The Salvation Army end homelessness in the Barwon Region.

Online registrations close on Wednesday August 1st at 5pm. 

Late registrations are available on the day of the walk from each starting point.

Saturday 4th August 2018

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Top Walkers

Top Teams

Heart & Sole$3,192.70
Bethany Staff and Friends $1,574.35
Kate & Lucy$1,517.00
NDIA HR$1,134.00
Laanecoorie Lakeside Park  donated  $200.00        Amanda Chester  donated  $120.00        CC4K  donated  $120.00        Clare McA  donated  $120.00        Ian ross  donated  $120.00        Katie G  donated  $120.00        M Hodkinson  donated  $120.00        BW Staff donations  donated  $117.70        Christine kenny  donated  $100.00        Heather  donated  $100.00        Jan & Rob  donated  $100.00        Sharon Noonan  donated  $100.00        Wallington PS Parents & Friends Committee  donated  $90.10        Mano school community  donated  $69.35        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Ava Richardson  donated  $50.00        Carla and Mark  donated  $50.00        Chris Mitchell  donated  $50.00        Damien Ryan  donated  $50.00        Hayden Waters  donated  $50.00        Jo Mckie  donated  $50.00        Judith Fisk  donated  $50.00        Julie Martin  donated  $50.00        Marita Murphy  donated  $50.00        Nathan F  donated  $50.00        Peter Ellis  donated  $50.00        Richard Davies  donated  $50.00        Val Cameron  donated  $50.00        Thompson  donated  $47.00        Jasmine Irinyi  donated  $40.00        Kim Ganitzer  donated  $40.00        Alison Chapman  donated  $38.00        Anonymous  donated  $38.00        Aris  donated  $38.00        Bec  donated  $38.00        Briony Crawford  donated  $38.00        Craig Morrison  donated  $38.00        David Quinlan  donated  $38.00        DKDJ  donated  $38.00        Gail miles  donated  $38.00        Grady Lewis  donated  $38.00        Joanne Kennedy  donated  $38.00        Kerry mcmahon  donated  $38.00        Lauris  donated  $38.00        Madisen ‘the original salt wife’ Cook  donated  $38.00        Matty & kresta  donated  $38.00        Mel Anderton  donated  $38.00        Mila and Logan Smetham  donated  $38.00        Mossy  donated  $38.00        Nola and Helen  donated  $38.00        Pat Cannard  donated  $38.00        Rettski  donated  $38.00        Sia  donated  $38.00        Tina Flatt  donated  $38.00        Trevor McMurrich  donated  $38.00        Vahl-Meyer Family  donated  $38.00        Williams family  donated  $38.00        Bernadette Cameron  donated  $30.00        S, K, C, E  donated  $30.00        Bec Lee  donated  $25.00        Bec Lee  donated  $25.00        Jemma James  donated  $25.00        Jenny Hutchinson  donated  $25.00        Marilyn Proctor  donated  $25.00        Christine Waller  donated  $22.00        Adam Cunningham  donated  $20.00        Belle Cooper  donated  $20.00        Chris Uebergang  donated  $20.00        Darren Cole  donated  $20.00        Em C  donated  $20.00        Isla, Paul & Jaclyn  donated  $20.00        Jason Carpio  donated  $20.00        Johnny Harro  donated  $20.00        Lauren  donated  $20.00        Lynn Taylor  donated  $20.00        Rogers  donated  $20.00        Team Garth  donated  $20.00        Vicki McMahon  donated  $20.00        Wayne Weening  donated  $20.00        Sheldan Convery-Oborne  donated  $15.00        George  donated  $13.00        Amelia  donated  $10.00        Anonymous  donated  $10.00        Chris PJ  donated  $10.00        Chris PJ  donated  $10.00        chris PJ  donated  $10.00        Phil Moloney  donated  $10.00        Sharon Bywaters  donated  $10.00        Xom  donated  $10.00        Tania du plessis  donated  $5.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         ARKLAY Family  donated an undisclosed amount         Ian Dargan  donated an undisclosed amount         Jan Rollinson  donated an undisclosed amount         Judith Fisk  donated an undisclosed amount         SJC Maintenance  donated an undisclosed amount